~Martha Lopjipyskioden commented on Sep 20, 2010

Formula-Agent and @Prompt

Another option is to put your actual modification code into an agent that runs on selected docs and then call the agent from either another agent or an action:


Agent = 'SetMyField'

FIELD MyField = "MyValue"


Cont := @Prompt([yesno];"Continue?";"You really want to do this?")

@If(Cont = 1; @Success; @Return(""));


Now you get the 'are you sure' prompt one time and all docs are process without any further prompting.

You can also use your initial prompt to pick the field to set and the value to set into the field and pass those data off to Environmental variables that are read by the processing agent.

~Hank Nonhipilygon commented on Mar 4, 2010

Formula-Agent and @Prompt